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Welcome Everyone

This website was conceived through my own personal struggles. learning how to cope with grief has not been easy. I have lost friends, family members and cherished pets. I have seen the horror of war, divorced, and have about a MILLION health issues. There are many reasons why we grieve.

We are ordinary people trying to help those in the grieving process, hoping to bring people together who have a common bond. We do not have any ulterior motives. I have had a lot fun in setting up this web site. Being older this development and maintenance of the site keeps my brain active and alive.

Life is constantly changing. You change. Sometimes we are forewarned about events that will take place and sometimes we are blindsided. I've learned that each event of loss is a unique experience, pain, self-knowledge and eventual acceptance. I've learned that there are moments in your life that stay with you. There are certain memories that you go back to over and over again. Memories in time that capture the essence of who you were, the essence of those you knew or the essence of an experience. rent a porta potty El Paso TX

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I've come to call these moments,
A MEMORY SCENE. It is our desire to hear from your experiences so we all can come to know we are not alone. That others have been in the same boat the boat called "Grief". I wish to touch on some isues that are inportant to me and I sertantly would like your input if you feel strong about adding a topic
1. Loss of a Parent
2. Loss of a Child
3. Loss of a Brother or Sister
4. Witnessing the pain of a Parent,Child,Brother,or Sister through issues too numerious to list.
5. Divorce
6. Marriage
7. Pets
8. War
9. Health
10. Career
11. Spirituality
12. Our Universe
This is but a short list of our main points of human pain and Grief we are selling a E-Book that touches these topicks and more in further detail.
With this website it is my hope to have a place that everyone can come and interact, heal by sharing ideas. This is a work in progress site so with Gods guidance and grace we can build a site that will hold A MEMORY SCENE.